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I’m still alive!  Yay!  Hahah


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My 24/7 Live Video Feed!

Come checkout my (Almost 24/7) LIVE VIDEO FEED from inside my Man Cave!

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Watching a movie…



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Just wanted to say that I’m still around, just haven’t been active on the blog for a while. I just went to my doctor this past Monday and had new X-Rays done. Figured I would share it with everyone. I’m starting to put more and more weight on my leg, but still far from walking.


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Motorcycle Accident

October 4th,  2011, I was in a motorcycle accident. A guy blew through a four way stop sign and slammed right into the side of my bike. That flung me off the bike, sent me flying across the road like a ragdoll, and my body slammed into a power pole about 6ft off the ground, then I fell to the ground, landing on my back. I had bone sticking through the skin at my lower shin, I was in so much pain laying there as I was clawing & grabbing hand fulls of dirt-n-grass. As I was laying there I realized that my helmet wasn’t on my head, so it must have come off while I was taking flying lessons. I was taken to Pardee Hospital, but the injuries to my leg were too bad so they sent me to Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. I was wearing my helmet, leather jacket, and my boots. (And my other clothes of course. lol) I am still currently laying in the hospital awaiting to have one more surgery, this one will be to remove bone fragments, and put my heel back together with a metal plate and screws.


I have learned a valuable lesson from this accident… No matter how safe of a rider/driver you are, your life is still in the hands of all the other people around you. I have decided not to ride motorcycles any longer. It’s just not worth the pain I have endured so far, and I’ve still got more pain to go through before it’s over. I was very lucky this time, it could have been much worse, but God was looking out for me.


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Life is great, but…

My life is great!!! I have so many wonderfully awesome friends, and the best family in the world. Although I don’t have much, I’m still about the happiest guy in the world, and my friends that know me will tell you the same…. But even with all the caring friends & family, I still feel lonely. :( No matter how hard I try to be content with just being single, I just can’t seem to shake the feeling of that emptiness inside.  I feel like I’ll never be complete unless I have someone special to share this amazing life with.


But anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest…


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Google voice text count

Below is how to figure out how many total texts you’ve sent & received with your google voice account.

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A poem I just wrote…

Dream of Love (Working title)


I see you in my dreams, recurring like the wind.
My unknown love, my unknown best friend.


We passionately kiss, hold each other close and cuddle.
Walk in the summer rain, splashing in the puddle.


Enjoying each other for who we are inside,
Opening up freely, proving we have nothing to hide.


Together we laugh, sharing feelings that make us cry.
Immense emotion, hoping it’ll never fade, nor die.


Creating happiness, solely with the thought of one another.
Do you really exist? Maybe one day I’ll meet this unknown lover…



I know… It’s a sad poem, but it’s from my heart, so I thought I would share it.


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